Worldwide innovation: Robots as sales staff in the retail trade


pi4_robotics GmbH presents the WORKERBOTKIOSK™, a “disruptive” retail trade concept.


What still sounded until recently like a vision well into the distant future, will soon be reality: exclusively humanoid robots will be used in a new kiosk developed by pi4_robotics GmbH. In contrast to the concept recently presented by another company, in which the customer can simply take what he needs, pi4_robotics is going for ultimate service.
In the WORKERBOTKIOSK™, products are offered, assembled by means of most modern robotics and sold by robots. But the idea goes much further than that, in that the company pays attention to product individuality. It is additionally possible to produce products directly in the robot kiosk in the presence of the public. With this concept, pi4_robotics creates a new world of experience for consumers and offers unique service quality. “The WORKERBOTKIOSK™ is therefore the most radical application of a piece of production, namely immediately when demanded by the customers. It can‘t be more transparent and direct than that”, states Matthias Krinke, a robot pioneer and managing director of pi4_robotics GmbH.
This technology enables the prospect of individual adaptation of products, tailor-made according to customer wishes. There is a further advantage for WORKERBOTKIOSK™ owners in keeping stocks of goods, as these turn out to be significantly lower. “Click and collect” purchases made via Internet orders, with which customers collect the ordered goods directly on the spot, can be easily realized.
The EuroShop fair in Düsseldorf offers visitors the first opportunity to become acquainted with the new WORKERBOTKIOSK™ developed by pi4_robotics. The company shows the prototype of the WORKERBOTKIOSK™ at the fair as a version built into a building. In this version, the kiosk is pushed into the building from outside and fits into and joins with it snugly with a uniform flush front surface.